How can you play holdem poker online? 


Before you start playing holdem poker online, you should know some basic rules about the game. In holdem poker, each player deal with two cards, this is known as hole cards. These cards are going to be with you alone. Then, five community cards are faced up from the board. Now, each player will use these five community cards in combination with their hole cards to make the best five card poker. In this game, a person can use the combination of five seven cards to make a best five card poker. 


There are certain rules that you should familiarize yourself with before you play holdem poker online. 

The Blinds: 
While playing holdem poker online, a marker names button or the dealer button will state who has been nominated to play the current game. Before game starts, the player on the clockwise of the button posts the small blind. The one clockwise to the small blind posts the big blind, that is generally the twice the size of the small blind. 

Betting options: 
One is allowed to play in bet, just like any other poker games. In holdem poker online, one has options like fold’, bet’, check’, raise, or call’. These actions will depend on the actions taken by the previous player. While playing online, each player has an option to fold, give up interest, and to discard their cards. In case, no one has made a bet, a player has the facility to check or bet. 

Once a player has seen his/her hole cards, they can take a call to play or to raise the big blind. The action will start to the left of the big blind that is considered as the live’ bet. A player also has an option to either fold or to call or to raise. 
The flop: 
When you have a three dealt face up cards, it is called the flop. These three cards are the community cards that are there for the players who are still in the hand. The betting starts from the immediate clockwise to the active player. The betting options are similar to that of the pre-flop in case no one has previously bet. 

The turn: 
The turn’ is dealt once the betting action is over on the flop round. The turn will be the fourth community card, which is at times is called as Fourth Street’. 

The river: 
The river’ or the fifth street’ is dealt when the betting action is over for the turn round. This is the final community card in the holdem poker. Betting can start again from the clockwise to the active players from the button and the similar rule of flop or turn applies over here. 

The Showdown: 
In case more than one player is remained while the final betting is complete, the last person to bet will have to show their cards until and unless no one is betting on the final round. The player who has the best five will win the pot.